Age: 26
Residence: Spencer, MA
Prosthetic Donation: Biodapt Moto Knee
Donation Partner: Hanger Clinic, Worcester, MA

In 2014 a snowmobiling accident in the mountains of Maine took Dan’s right leg, above the knee.¬† After adjusting to life as an amputee, Dan wanted to get back to doing activities like snow boarding, biking and weightlifting, but the microprocessor knee he uses for everyday wear is valuable and fragile.¬† Strenuous activity could cause it to break, putting Dan in a wheel chair. ¬†After six years and several attempts to have this high activity knee covered through his insurance provider, Dan asked for assistance from HAF.

HAF partnered with Hanger Clinic in Worcester, MA to provide Dan with a Biodapt Moto Knee, allowing him to be a living example of our motto.  Live.  Your.  Life.