Age: 53
Residence: Hampton, NH
Prosthetic Donation: Waterproof, below knee prosthesis
Donation Partner: Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Manchester, NH

After five breaks and strains of his right ankle, James described living with his damaged limb as “a prison” by his early 50’s. He’s a former CAT 2 cyclist, who loves outdoor activities like hunting, ice climbing and of course, being a Hampton Beach resident, water sports. He contacted the Heather Abbott Foundation about the possibility of getting a “water leg,” to get back into his favorite outdoor sports.  James’ health insurance policy covered his regular walking prosthesis (with a hefty co-pay), but as most don’t, it did not cover a secondary prosthesis to be used for sports or other “non-necessities”.

HAF partnered with Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics in Manchester, NH to provide James with just the type of prosthesis that would allow him to get back in the water!  It took him no time at all to master balancing on his paddleboard and get a part of his old life back once again.

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