Age: 47
Residence: Newport Beach, CA
Prosthetic Donation: Running Prosthesis
Donation Partner: Innovative Prosthetic Solutions, Inc.  Lake Forest, CA

Although many kids enjoy sports like baseball or football in high school, Mo’s favorite way to be active was by running.  This all changed after he was in an accident with his motorcycle at the age of 16, which resulted in the amputation of his leg, above the knee.  When Mo looked into obtaining a running prosthesis, which would allow him that old, familiar feeling of endorphins kicking in during a run, he discovered that his insurance carrier would not contribute to the purchase at all.  Most are shocked to learn that the price of such a device is comparable to the purchase of a new car.  We at HAF were so thrilled to provide a grant for a running prosthesis for Mo, which allowed him to run for the first time in over 30 years.  He was a quick study and got out on the pavement with his wife, Michelle, in no time.  We hope to see Mo cross the Boston Marathon finish line one day!

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