13015434_592698337578219_8988563593703347152_nThe Heather Abbott Foundation would like extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the amazing members of our Boston Marathon running team, Team Limb-it-less.   Collectively, this inspiring group raised  $70,000 in support of our mission.

Read more about our members here.

You can help continue the momentum from our phenomenal weekend in Boston by donating now.


Recently, we were privileged to be able to help 8-year-old Kori Tickel get a new running leg, designed specifically to allow her to play all the sports she loves; we also were thrilled to donate a custom prosthetic leg to Hillary Cohen, allowing her to wear high-heel shoes for the first time in her life.

Read More About Kori | Read More About Hillary 

We look forward to helping many more amputees to live as fully as possible, and your donations help us do this.  All your donations are tax-deductible – and since it’s Giving Tuesday, don’t forget to ask if your company has  a matching program!

About Us

Founded by Heather Abbott, victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, The Heather Abbott Foundation helps provide customized prostheses to those who have suffered limb loss through traumatic circumstances.

While most insurance companies cover the costs of a single, basic prosthetic device, additional specialized prosthetic devices can range from $20,000-$100,000 each, an amount which is simply out of reach for many.

These custom prosthetics can be crucial to an individual’s recovery, helping them resume the activities and hobbies they loved before their traumatic incident, and helping them ease into their “new normal.”

By providing these individuals with the prostheses they need, the Heather Abbott Foundation seeks to empower those who have tragically lost limbs to return to the life they love.

The Grants Application process is now open.
Individuals seeking specialized prostheses can get more information and apply here.

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