Age: 51
Residence: Escalon, CA
Prosthetic Donation: Ergo Arm & Bebionic Hand
Donation Partners: Hanger Clinic, Modesto, CA & Ottobock

In June of 2013, Karen was in a car accident that resulted in two broken legs, a broken neck and two severely damaged arms.  For 5 years Karen had 50% use of one hand due to muscle damage and the other amputated above the elbow.  As a result, she was forced to leave her job as a social worker and enroll in CA funded health insurance who denied coverage for the type of arm/hand Karen required.  We are so thrilled to help Karen regain some independence.  Her short term goals include making her bed, combing her hair and pulling up her jeans.  Long term, she’d like to help HAF educate insurance providers about the flaws in their coverage for prostheses.  We’re so happy for Karen and can’t wait to see what she’ll do with her new Ergo/Bebionic!