Age: 21
Residence: Wilmington, NC
Prosthetic Donation: Cosmetic, Below knee (flip flop) prosthesis
Donation Partner: A Step Ahead Prosthetics, Long Island, NY

Born without a fibula bone, Savannah’s leg was amputated before her first birthday.  For years, Savannah was the only amputee she knew; her sense of being isolated was exacerbated by the fact that she knew she could do more, but her ill-fitting prosthetics limited her.

Savannah is a self-proclaimed “beach girl” and longed to wear flip flops around campus at UNC – Wilmington, without being worried or conscientious about people staring at her artificial foot.  The Heather Abbott Foundation was able to partner with A Step Ahead Prosthetics to donate a customized prosthetic that allows her to wear the sandals and flip flops that other people may take for granted.

Aesthetics are important to Savannah and have an impact on her level of confidence, as is the case for many amputees.  But beyond shoe shopping, her new leg means new opportunities.  It means that Savannah now has a chance to be fully and completely herself – from the toes up!

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