Age: 23
Residence: Rutland, VT
Prosthetic Donation: C-leg (microprocessor knee)
Donation Partner: Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Manchester, NH

In June of 2018, Stefanie boarded a tour boat with her family, while on vacation in the Bahamas.  The boat subsequently exploded, injuring 10 Americans, one of whom was killed, and 2 crew members.  Having undergone dozens of surgeries and complications, Stefanie is now a double amputee – one leg is amputated above the knee and the other is below.  Excited about the possibility of walking on two prosthetics and becoming active once again, to say that Stefanie and her family were disappointed when her health insurance provider denied the microprocessor knee she required for her above the knee prosthesis, would be a grave understatement.

HAF partnered with Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics in Manchester, NH to provide Stefanie with a microprocessor knee, which will allow her to be active and safe.

Media Coverage

Family of Vermont woman injured in tour boat explosion gives update on her condition