Age: 6
Residence: Mobile, AL
Prosthetic Donation: Above elbow, arm/hand prosthesis
Donation Partner: David Rotter Prosthetics, Joliete, IL

Thompson is a congenital amputee, born missing his left arm, starting at the shoulder.   As difficult as one could imagine it is to perform everyday tasks with the use of only one arm, not knowing any other way, Thompson has done a great job figuring things out, eventually using a prosthesis.  Full of energy and curiosity, Thompson plays with his two younger sisters and in most ways is a typical first grader.  However,  there are certain activities where he experiences limitations.  Like any other 6 year old, Thompson wants to do things like ride a bike and go fishing with his dad.   His everyday prosthesis is too delicate for some of the rough and tumble activities that kids engage in, not to mention should it get damaged he is without use of it all while being repaired.   What he really needed was a secondary prosthesis built specifically for high activity use.  Even the best health insurance plans, like the one Thompson’s parents have, typically do not cover secondary prostheses.  Thompson’s parents experienced denial after denial when requesting such a device from multiple health insurance providers.  Quotes for the device ranged from $8,000 to $60,000, a hefty expense for a young family of 5, especially considering that Thompson has lots of growing to do.  This means lots of adjustments and replacement parts and devices over the years.

HAF partnered with friends at David Rotter Prosthetics to provide Thompson with a prosthetic arm/hand that allows him to something as simple as cut a piece of paper using scissors to riding his bike and fishing!  This secondary prosthesis provides Thompson with a tool to do the activities he wants to do as well as some peace of mind for his parents knowing that some barriers to his quality of life have been removed.

Media Coverage

Boston Bombing survivor helps local kid who was born without an arm

Mobile 6-year-old gets prosthetic arm with help from Boston Marathon bombing survivor

Mobile 6-year-old gets prosthetic arm with help from Boston Marathon bombing survivor